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We're happy to be able to offer  you our pattern library which will hopefully inspire and get you going with your mosaic ideas.

We've had to sort our mosaic patterns into various categories - the patterns all in pdf-format patterns that you can download and can be enlarged for at your nearest copy shop. (eg. Postnet). 

To transfer patterns onto your base see our page on TRANSFERRING MOSAIC PATTERNS. This contains information on how to resize your chosen pattern as well as various techniques for transferring this to your base.

Mosaic Patterns

Mosaic Patterns

These mosaic patterns are all single-page pdf-format which can be easily resized by photocopier. The patterns have been sorted by collection and theme.
Free mosaic patterns with list of requirements

Mosaic Templates

These patterns come complete with list of requirements, mosaicing guidelines as well as drawing guides. The templates are in pdf format and pattern diagrams can be re-sized.



Mandala Patterns

These Mandala patterns are great for use on any round project - Mosaic table-tops, bowls, even just replacing the centre with a mirror and using the pattern for the border. They're also great for printing out to give to the kids just to colour in. The word Mandala is the Sanscrit word for circle and symbolises wholeness. Mandalas also have their origins in Hindu and Buddhist religions.


Free Design e-books

Mosaic Design eBooks

These design ebooks contain multiple patterns. All ebooks are in pdf format. The size of the file is indicated and individual pages can be printed out and re-sized as required.





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