Grout Colour

As if we don't have enough to worry about with selecting the correct tile colours, we also need to worry about selecting the grout colour. For example, slight variations in the tone of even grey grout can alter the effect of tile colours quite considerably as well as the look of the whole mosaic. You need to decide if you want the grout colour to contrast with the tiles, unite or divide them , and soften or harden the finished project.

Grout colour contrast chart - GREY

The picture above shows how even using different colours of grey can change the look of your project. The tiles are laid in the exact same pattern for each example. The only difference is the grout colour.

Coloured Grout differences


Notice the effect that different grout colors have on the look and feel of the colored tiles.


Real Tile with Real Grout
See How Grout Color Changes the Look of the Tiles

Real tiles with different colour grey grout

White grout.             Light-Grey grout.            Dark-Grey grout.          Charcoal grout.

Real Tile with Real Grout - the patterns are identical and only the grout colour is different. They were placed side-by-side in the sunlight so there's no variation in the type or amount of light shining on each sample.

If you can't decide which grout colour will best achieve your look, making samples is a good idea. Glue scraps of tiles to a piece of wood and grout each swatch a different colour. These will help you choose the optimal grout colour before you commit this to your project.

So, what grout colour is best? This depends on the look for your specific project.  most commonly used are light-grey, dark-grey, and occasionally charcoal or black. Try and avoid using white - in most cases this will wash out the colours. It is recommended that beginners stick to light-grey, medium-grey, or dark-grey.  The key is to make swatches of two or three colours that you think you might like, if you still can't decide, your safest bet is to use medium-grey.
Using Colored Grout

Using coloured grout is quite difficult as the wrong colour can ruin the look of beautifully laid tiles, but as you become more confident try reddish browns, dark blues, and dark greens. 

Mosaic with white groutMosaic with yellow grout










Mosaic with blue groutMosaic with black grout











The pictures above show examples of the effect that coloured grout can have. Again, the only thing different in the examples is the grout colour.

Multiple Grout Colors Make Eye-catching Effects

If you feel really inspired, use different grout colours in your mosaic.  It's extra work, but the results can be spectacular. Even subtle colour changes can make a big difference. The picture below shows a closeup view of a wall mural. The dragonfly wings and butterfly are done with black grout, while the rest of the work is done with medium-grey.This has the effect of giving the lighter grass and sky a unified look and makes the wings "pop".

Dragonfly mosaic with different colour grout

To grout different areas of your project, simply mask off the areas that need to be a different colour, grout the first area as normal and allow to dry thoroughly before masking off that area and grouting the second area. It's a bit more work but well worth the effort.


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